Africa's Consumer

The promise of Africa’s economic progress has firmly given the continent the attention of the world.

Today, the estimated number of middle-class consumers on the continent stands at over 350 million. Many global players have already mobilized to capture this emerging demand. However, the opportunity that Africa presents cannot be capitalized on without precise insights of the African consumer. We believe in Africa. We believe that those seeking to be part of Africa's prosperity will need actionable insight and deep knowledge into the African culture.

We are a consultancy firm dedicated to applying strategy, behavioral science and artificial intelligence to consumer-based innovations. We are on a mission is to improve the welfare of consumers through behavior science, data analytics, and innovation.

We work with Manufactures, Financial Institutions, and Government agencies from across Africa in behavioral change.


Our Services

We apply our competencies and professional experience in the following key areas;

Management Consulting

The bulk of our competence is in solving strategic problems like acquisition, retention, engagement, product development, and process optimization.

Consumer-based Innovation

We develop innovative solutions that are consumer centred resulting in high rates of customer retention.

Market Research

We accurately gather market intelligence from consumers in order to extract actionable insights

Case Study

We have updated some of our latest projects below.


Code Yetu

Improving the welfare of traders

Upesi Online


Ekea Chain

Healthcare supply chain

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